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Looks book. Read 15 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. We all know one hard and undeniable truth: Physical beauty comes with tremend.
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Research shows that attractive people are more likely to get hired, paid larger salaries and promoted more than their "unattractive" peers. As a leader, make sure you're cognizant of this, says Patzer, and are basing evaluations on performance.

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However, as distasteful as it sounds, attractive people "are probably more confident, so they're probably going to be more successful; thus, they probably should earn a bigger salary," he explains. If the "controllable" aspects of an employee's looks, like hygiene or dress, are hindering work, Patzer says it's OK to address that--as long as it's done tactfully. In addition, you should strive to look your best. People are more willing to work with, work harder for and be influenced by an attractive person, says Patzer.

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Revoke Consent Submit Consent. Looking Good Today, looks matter more than ever in our society.

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Are you and your staff facing the facts? Next Article -- shares Add to Queue. Lindsay Holloway. Magazine Contributor. May 1, 1 min read. More from Entrepreneur. David provides constructive insight to help businesses focus on their company growth, build brand awareness and know when and how to raise money. Book Your Session. They give solid advice about how to be authentic, how to give, and how to listen…all steps to making your contacts count. Whether you sell Arbonne or are thinking about switching to a PT job or are looking to get back into the workforce after an extended time away, this book will give you some starting points.

That said, I feel like the authors left me with some fantastic take-away points that will serve me well in the future. Divided into 44 sections of four pages each, the book features important people, places, and events throughout history that smart people know. You can read a full review of the book at BlogCritics Magazine.

WIN IT! There will be three winners, one winner for each book. The winner will be announced and contacted on Sunday, May This is my fourth visit and your content, style, completeness, and ease of use represent an exemplary standard that other blogs could learn from. Your readers who post comments make me smile. They seem to be incredibly thoughtful, respecting, and kind, which express a wonderful breath of fresh air nowadays in the world of blogs. Sometimes termed lookism, physical attractiveness phenomenon encompasses the reality that people behave toward individuals in ways strongly biased by their physical attractiveness.

The bias strongly favors higher physical attractiveness and disfavors lower physical attractiveness. Physical attractiveness phenomenon is a topic that I have studied formally for more than 30 years. What follows, are the favorable and not-so-favor consequences stated in my above paragraph.

Then what follows, includes increasing number of individuals with unrealistic pursuits that can consume more time, effort, and money than a person can afford.

Looks - Why They Matter More Than You Ever Imagined

Children and their parents are not immune to physical attractiveness phenomenon. Not only do adults—parents and non-parents—place increasing importance on their own good looks, they also do so concerning the looks of their children. Outside our home, the physical attractiveness, or cuteness, of our children influences different treatment from other children, teachers, and medical personnel.

As I get older I am considering some surgery To look younger and I am interested in what the studies have concluded about beauty and age. I need all the help I can get! I would love to win Cocktail Party Cheat Sheets because I am interested in improving my social skills. Unfortunate as it is people judge you by first impressions- so looks matter. I told my son that when he started growing dreadlocks.

Looks: Why they matter more than you ever imagined | Learning at the Library

He was a good Christian kid but no one knew it by those things sticking out of his head. What an well curated selection! Each of these sounds interesting in their own way. Count me in! The Networking book would be a great tool. I want the Looks book because it sounds intriguing. I learned in a psychology class about how much appearance really matters.

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  8. I definetly would azppreciate winning the Contacts book for my college graduate daughter, she is having difficulty making the right connections to get a better job. Hopefully this book will lead her in the right direction. Its only fair that she gets a nice start after graduating with a 3. Looks do count. After my wife badgered me into shaving off my beard recently, I was very irritated in more ways than one at how dismayed she was with the extent of the change in how I looked. The Cocktail Party book sounds really good.

    I have a feeling that I will decide to look for a different job later in the year, and I would like to help prepare myself by reading this. Making Your Contact Count…. This would be a great resource. After suffering the normal brain-function-loss that comes with giving birth, followed by chemo-brain, I really need some help in the trivia area!

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    Would be a quirky waiting room book! I would like the cocktail party book… my one friend acts like they know everything, so it would be nice to talk about something different! Great books! My husband is in finance and although I am a teacher, I would love to read this book to sharpen up my cocktail party intelect. Thanks for the giveaway!! I would actually be thrilled to win any of these, especially the Looks one, it sounds intriguing.

    COktail Party Cheat Sheets would be great! Sounds very helpful for those awkward work gatherings I have to go to for my hubby!

    I get their email every week and their triva is amazing!