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Selected Short Fiction (Penguin Classics) [Charles Dickens, Deborah A. Thomas] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Stories of comedy and.
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Nineteenth-century French short stories were devoured by their readers with an insatiable appetite. A reading public that was itself expanding rapidly, as education and leisure opportunities grew, created an unprecedented demand for short fiction.

Writers quickly responded to this; it was a lucrative market, and at the same time it offered the intrinsic artistic challenge of brevity. From Romanticism to Naturalism and beyond, novelists such as Balzac and Zola explored the potential of the short story as an alternative form to the novel in depicting modern life.

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The poetic intensity of 'contes fantastiques' in the manner of Poe's mysterious and cruel tales was championed by Baudelaire. Flaubert showed that short story fiction could be a serious as well as popular literary form. Specialists of the short story emerged, such as Merimee and Maupassant. You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any newsletter.

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The Selected Short Fiction of Lisa Moore

Benjamin Button's story is one that most readers would be familiar with, through the Hollywood adaptation. The strange tale of a child born to age backwards is both allegorical and fascinating. The last story in the collection, The Lees of Happiness is a poignant tale of love, friendship and the harsh realities of life. Selected Short Stories by F Scott Fitzgerald is a superb collection of stories that symbolize the Jazz Age a term he coined himself of the s. He wrote more than 43 stories, some of which were adapted successfully for film, stage and television.

His eternal appeal to every generation of youthful readers has been one of being able to relate to the universal problems of young people everywhere in the world — the problems of identity, the pursuit of happiness, the gradual dawning of responsibility and despair. Fitzgerald's own colorful personal life, his problems with alcoholism and romantic relationships added to his mystique. Fitzgerald's fundamental scholarship and knowledge are subtly displayed in the first story, Berenice Bobs Her Hair, where the heroine is named after the Greek myth of Berenice who sacrifices her hair to save her lover.

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